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PocketDivx / PocketMVP- A DivX Player for the Pocket PC

The Software

  • At first you need of course the PocketDivX Player or even better the PocketMVP Player. Just click and download!.
  • Then, if not you don't have it yet, you need the DivX 4.12 Codec. That Codec delivers in conjunction with PocketDivx the best results. You get it here.
  • Beside the video codec you also need an audio codec. As PocketDivx plays MP3 audio you preferably use the Radium MP3 codec.
  • At last you will need a conversion tool to create the divx files. I have made best experiences with VirtualDub. You get the latest version of it here.

After installing all tools and codecs we continue with VirtualDub.

The Conversion

At first open the video file to be converted in VirtualDub. This you do by "File->Open video file".

Audio Conversion

The easy stuff is the sound. At first select "Audio->Full processing mode" which will allow us to completely convert the audio stream the way we need it. Select now "Audio->Conversion":


Mono sound will suffice completely and additionally save precious space. Of course you can also use Stereo sound if you want.

Now select "Audio->Compression":


24 kBit per second suffice. But again you can select any bitrate you may find useful. If you decided to use stereo sound then of course you have to select stereo encoding here too.

Video Conversion

As under audio conversion we need to switch to "Video->Full processing mode". Then we add the necessary filters und "Video->Filters". Select "Add" and add a resize filter:


Check for the correct pixel sizes to avoid distortions. On my Cassiopeia E-125 I observed that videos in full screen, 320x240 pixels, are very prone to be jerky. Choosing a little smaller size delivers best experiences. Feel free to experiment with that!

If the movies is, as most will be, more broad than high, we should rotate it by 90° so it can be watched in landscape. To do this add a rotate filter and select a rotation of 90° to the left.

Then we need to alter the framerate so that even older Pocket PCs can play movies nicely. Newer devices may be able to use the full framerate. Rule: try it out :p


By choosing to process only every second frame we achieve a frame rate of about 12-15 pictures per second which depends on the original frame rate which in the example above was 30 frames per second.

The most important part follows now: the selection of the video codec and its properties. Go to "Video->Compression" and select the DivX 4.12 Codec:


Select "Configure" and put in the following values:


For best results you should use the 2-pass mode. In a first run the video will be analysed and the bandwith will be optimally spread over the compression in the 2nd run. Do not change values between the two runs but do only change the mode from "2-pass, first pass" to "2-pass, second pass". The most important property is the bitrate. Select 200 kilobits per second for a first try. You may experiment with higher or lower bitrates, depending on the speed and memory of your device.

Because the first run only analyzes the video it is not necessary to have audio encoding running. So select "Audio->No audio". This will accelerate the first run.

After putting in the values above for the first run we are going to create a job. Go to "File->Save as AVI" and check the mark at "Add operation to job list and defer processing":


After that we go back to the configuration of the codec and select "2-pass, second pass". All other options remain unchanged. Don't forget to enable the audio encoding for the second run: "Audio->AVI audio".
Then again create a job using the same filename as before, so that the file created in the first run will be overwritten. The information of the first run is not stored in the AVI file anyway but in the log file that is configured in the video-codec properties (normally C:\divx.log).
Then go to "File->Job control" and click "Start" to start the compression.


Have fun!

Pocket-Divx Test-VideoHere I got a test-video that has been compressed with the settings above. It shows my niece Anna playing in a sandpit. The picture size is 300x240 pixels and the framerate has been halved from the original 25 pictures/second to 12.5 pictures/second. The video is 15 seconds long and 432KiByte large. Remember that the above settings produce low quality video that is in return highly compatible and should thus run on every PocketPC. Todays PocketPCs are able to play at a much higher bitrate and at full framerate. The video has been rotated by 90° counterclockwise so it can use the whole screen.
Download the video here.

And if you got some questions left you can ask them in my forum. I will try to answer them!

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